Al oreum 알오름 (Olle Trail #1)

We drove to a spot closest to the oreum and started our walk.  It was where you start to enter some farm lands and where you would see the Olle road sign near Jungsangan Road on the map. So basically we started in the middle of the Olle and heading to the starting point of this trail.

To get to the oreum we had to enter this gate.

And entered the land of horses , the Al oreum.

After coming down from Al oruem, we passed through some farm lands.

And walked up another oreum, Malmi oreum, with a nice view of the Seongsan Ilchulbong 城山日出峰 성산 일출봉.

A side view of Malmi oreum as we walked to the main road.

After a 10-min walk, we reached the main road. This marked the official starting point of Olle Trail #1.

Map of Olle Trail #1.


Udo 牛島 우도

Udo 牛島 우도 is an outlying island off the East coast of Jeju Island. With a few beaches, lighthouses, local fishing villages, and a lot of “sea maiden” 海女 해녀 (Middle age women who dive, without any scuba diving gear, for a living. They gather abalone, clams, seaweed, etc from the sea).

There is a ferry from Seongsan Port 城山港 성산항 to Udo (Cheonjinhang Port 천진항 or Haumokdonghang Port 하우목동항). We got off at Haumokdonghang Port and rented bikes to cycle round the island. There are also scooters for rent at the store. 3 hours would be more than enough for going around the island along the coast including time for resting and photo. We also hiked up to the Udobong Peak 牛島峰 우도봉정상 (just ~130m) where there is a lighthouse and a museum. It was really foggy the day we went to Udo, but it was still very beautiful.

Most of the stores and restaurants gathered around Cheonjinhang Port 천진항. There are a few restaurants at Geommeollae Beach 검멀레 해수욕장.

The ferry ride was about 15 mins from Seongsan Port  Haumokdonghang Port. Ferry fare 2000 won. Udo admission fee 1000 won. Ferry departs hourly from Seongsan Port  from 8am.

There is also a Olle trail (#1-1. 16.1km 4-5hours) on Udo, which is basically the route we biked.

Oedolgae Rock 獨立岩 외돌개

Oedolgae 獨立岩 외돌개 is piece of tall long rock standing on its own on the coast near Seogwipo city 西歸浦市 서귀포시 . It has become famous since it appears in the TV drama  ‘Daejangguem’ 大長今. The nearby coastal line definitely worths a visit even if you haven’t seen the drama.

There is a memorial site of a war and a garden east of the Oedolgae.

If you take the stairs at the back of the memorial you will see this beautiful coast line, which seems like there is a big swimming pool in the sea.

Oedolgae is part of the Jeju Olle trail (it is the end of course #6 and the beginning of course #7)