Jjimjilbang 찜질방

Korean style sauna. It is a good place to rest a bit if you just got off a red-eye flight and the hotel wouldn’t let you check in.

There are usually a lot of different areas in a jjim-jil-bang. Some areas are open for both gender where you still keep your clothes on, and some areas like hot bath and changing rooms are gender-segregated.

Keep-your-clothes-on areas:

A common area for people to sit or lie down, to chill, to freshen up with a bottle of sik-hye 식혜 (a sweek rice drink).  It, by the way, often comes out in Korean dramas.

There are also some heated rooms with different “therapeutic” themes such as salt, herb, and wood.

Take-your-clothes-off areas:

There is usually an area linked to the changing room with different hot bath tubs and a few cool water tubs. You may also see a body scrub corner where ahjuma (korean ladies) could provide body scrub at a cost.

Dragon Hill Spa 드래곤힐스파

It is much larger than the ones in Myeondong.

Entrance fee around 10000 won (day time) and you can stay for 12 hours!

Located right next to Yongsan Station 龍山驛  용산역. What can be better than getting rested and recharged before going to the nearby E-mart (the Korean version of Walmart) for a shopping spree!