Dalmaji-gil (View Moon Road) 迎月坡 달맞이 길

This is a walkway beyond Haeundae Beach along the shore. The walkway begins from the Haeundae residential area and the road beside the walkway could be quite busy so it wasn’t that relaxing.

But as you walk up the hill, you would get a nice view of Haeundae and the Gwangalli 廣安里 광안리 bridge.

As you walk further up the walkway, there is an entrance to a dirt road surrounded by pine trees. And there is a viewing point along the path where you can see the outlying islands of Busan.

We didn’t go all the way but there should be some really nice restaurants and resting area further up the hill.


Jagalchi Market 札嘎其市場 자갈치시장

A big fish market in downtown Busan. There is a 3-storey building that contain fresh seafood on the ground floor, and some restaurants on the second floor. Next to the tall building, there are also an open-air fish market and some restaurants. You can find locals buying fresh seafood, dried seafood and kimchi here.


There are quite a number of restaurants in the open-air fish market. They usually grill different kinds of fish at the front of their stores.

I have eaten at the restaurants in the open-air fish market twice at different restaurants. Although it looked like they served the same stuff but one had really fresh grilled fish 생선 구이 and seafood soup 해물탕 while the other one gave us really crap crab for the seafood soup. I guess you really have to try your luck there.

You can get to the market from Jagalchi Station 자갈치역 (Busan subway line 1). Just keep walking toward the sea and you will see the market.

Haeundae Beach 海雲臺海水浴場 해운대 해수욕장

A very famous beach in Korea. I guess this is one of the must-go places in Busan. But to be frank, there are a lot of nicer beaches elsewhere like in Thailand, Malaysia or even in Jeju. I guess it just lacks this relaxing feeling since the whole beach is surrounded by all these high-rise buildings.

At the left side of the beach, there are some luxurious hotels and a few seafood restaurants.

When I was there in April and June, there were that many people on the beach. But it gets really crowded in the summer. Try to search for photos of the beach on the Web, you will be stunned.

The beach is about an hour ride (bus/subway line 2 #203) from Busan downtown.

Taejongdae 太宗臺 태종대

Taejongdae was named after a King,  Taejong, of the Silla Dynasty. There is a circular walking path along the rocky shore of this tip which takes about 1.5 hour to go back to the starting point. Or you may also take the little train car to go to the light house from the entrance (1500 won). But these trains will not run when it rains or foggy.

There are a lot of pine trees along the path. With sea breeze, it was a really nice walk.

As you go down to the shore below the light house, you will see some stores long the rocky shore. The ahjuma 아줌마 will urge you to sit down, have a drink and eat something there. It could have been quite an experience to have a meal there.


Take bus 88 or 101 (from Busan station) and get off at the terminal. Then you will see the entrance to Taejongdae as you walk further ahead.