Map of Myeongdong


N Seoul Tower

It is a popular place for tourists and lovers since there is this viewing deck at the bottom of the tower (no admission fee) filled with Locks of Love. 

Located on Namsan 南山  남산, a mountain at the center of Seoul. 

It is accessible through cable car (which seem to popular among couples as appeared in many Korean dramas), and buses (No. 2 and 5) from Myeongdong.

You could take the bus up to the tower, and walk down (20 min) to Myeongdong).

The first half of the walk is inside Namsan Park overlooking Myeongdong.

When you get out of the park, make a right on the main road and you will pass by a few interesting cafes and restaurants.

And then make a left as you by pass the cable car station, and walk through some alley and you will find yourself in Myeongdong.

Lotte Duty Free

Lotte Duty Free (明洞 Myeongdong 명동)

Located inside Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong.


Remember to bring your passport, credit card and flight info.

Sulwhasoo 雪花秀 (9/F)

Further discount (5%) for VISA card (more discount for Platinum VISA card holder). Remember to ask for more sample!

Products of some brands (e.g., Origins) have to be picked up at the airport. You would be given a receipt and bring that to the duty free pick up at the airport (look for it after you have passed the immigration). But be prepared for the long lines…

Money Exchange

Currency exchange stores at Myeongdong has the BEST rate. Whereas banks at the airport have the WORST rate!

Currency exchange options listed from the BEST to the WORST:

Currency exchange stores in Myeongdong 明洞 명동

There are quite a few near Myeongdong station.


Currency exchange stores in Dongdaemun 東大門 동대문

If you stay at Acacia or Euljiro CO-OP Residence  and taking subway at 東大門歷史文化公園驛 동대문역사문화공원역, you would bypass this currency exchange store.


Banks in city center

Currency exchange only available during working hours Monday through Friday (except public holiday).

Banks at the airport

There are banks located inside the restricted area and outside at the waiting area for the public. The rates are the same.


Eat in 明洞 Myeongdong 명동

Bongchu Jjimdak 鳳雛安東雞 봉추찜닭

Chicken cooked with potato, carrot, potato noodle. Served in 3 difference portions: half chicken, whole chicken, 1.5 chicken. Remember to ask for little spicy (which already was very spicy)!!! Rice needs to be ordered separately.

Myeongdong Gyoja 明洞餃子 명동교자

Love the kimchi and dumplings there!

Bulgogi Brothers 불고기브라더스

Korean BBQ Beef

We had the Korean beef 한우 Bulgogi Lover’s set (for 2 persons) 49800won.

The set came with spicy cold noodle 비빔냉면 and hot stone bibimbap 돌솥 비빔밥.

Paris Baguette 파리바게트

My favorite place for breakfast!

Yoogane Dalk-kal-bi 유가네닭갈비  辣炒雞排

If you cannot make it to Chuncheon 春川 춘천 to have Dalk-kal-bi 辣炒雞排, you could try it at this chain store in Seoul. But of course 春川 has the best Dalk-kal-bi.

Marinated chicken, cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and rice cake are stir-fried on a hot plate. Adding rice (and cheese, if you love cheese) towards the end is a must!

Bon Congee 본죽

A good break from spicy food. They have all kinds of congee: abalone, cheese & veggie!

떡삼돌김치삼겹 (Grilled Pork Belly)

Grill  the pork, ddok (sliced rice cake), mushroom, onion, and kimchi. Then wrap the pork and kimchi with fresh lettuce or ddok. YUM!

The pork is ordered per person, around 8000won per person. Lettuce, onion, kimchi and ddok (sliced rice cake) come with the pork. If you run out of those to go with the pork, you can always ask the waiter to give you more (for free!)

For an integrated map of Myeongdong, please go here.

Stay in 明洞 Myeongdong 명동

Ibis Seoul Myeongdong Hotel

Neat and small rooms. Excellent location: in the center of Myeongdong明洞, right opposite Lotte Department Store. 1-min walk to 乙支路入口驛  을지로입구역

Airport Buses (# 6015 – 10000 won; #6001 – 14000won) stops right in front of the hotel.

Sejong Hotel 세종호텔 世宗酒店

An older hotel that have neat rooms with free internet. Some rooms have views of the Seoul Tower. 明洞驛 명동역  is right outside the hotel.

Airport Buses (# 6015 – 10000 won; #6001 – 14000won) stops right in front of the hotel.

Prince hotel프린스호텔

Neat and modern rooms with free wifi.  明洞驛 명동역 is right outside the hotel. A bad thing is the airport bus stops across the street at Sejong Hotel, you would have to cross the street using the underground tunnel (only stairs, no elevator).

For an integrated map of Myeongdong, please go here.