Hwangnam Bread 황남빵

A signature cake of Gyeongju. It has a very sweet red bean paste filling. The most famous store is the one across the Royal Tombs 大陵苑 대릉원. We tried to buy from them but they told us we had to wait for an hour… so we just decided to buy it from another store. We saw people buying bulk of them.

There were two kinds of packing: No.  1 – 20 pieces a box 14000won; No.2 – 30 pieces a box 21000won.

It’s about 10min walk from Gyeongju train station.


Daeneungwon (Royal Tombs) 大陵苑 대릉원

This is a park that contains over 20 royal tombs. Each tomb was built into a small round hill.

In the middle of the park, there is a bigger tomb which has its own gate. It is the tomb of King Michu of Silla era.

There is also a tomb that is open for the public to see what is the inside of a tomb.

Admission fee: 1500won

We walked from Cheomseongdae 瞻星台 첨성대 to the Royal Tombs and entered through the back entrance.

Cheomseongdae 瞻星台 첨성대

An ancient astronomical observatory constructed during the reign of Queen Seon-deok (632-647).

You cannot go up to the observatory. So it’s better just to take photos of it outside the restricted area to avoid paying the admission fees…

Admission fee: 500won

Seokbinggo 石冰庫 석빙고

A fridge made with stone. In the Silla era, ice was actually stored here and consumed in the summer for the nobles. When you get to the entrance of the storage, you can really feel the coolness.

It’s located on the top of the Wolsong 月城 right across the Anapji Pond 雁鴨池.

Then we headed towards cheomseongdae observatory 瞻星台 첨성대 and walked through this field of rapeseed flowers. These kind of flower was scattered around the city. We went at the end of April and I believe there would be cherry blossom plus rapeseed flowers if we went in early to mid April.

Anapji Pond 雁鴨池 안압지

A pond built by King Munmu. The mud taken out was used to build a mountain where he raised different kinds of animals.


Admission fee: 1000won

We took the bus from Bulguksa 佛國寺 불국사 heading back to Gyeongju city and got off at Gyeongju National Museum 국립경주박물관.