Bisulsan 琵瑟山 비슬산

We stayed over at Daegu 大邱 대구  in order to go to Bisulsan to see the beautiful wild Azalea 杜鵑花. The Azalea blossom from April to early May and that’s why we took this side trip from Busan. We took a local bus from Daegu to Hyunpung 玄風 현풍 and it was a long ride (over an hour) since it made so many stops in between. We tried to find buses going up to Yugasa 유가사 瑜伽寺 but since it was a weekday there was no bus going up to the country park. We were lucky to met 3 ahjuma, who were also going to hike up Bisulsan, and they shared a taxi with us to go up Sojeasa 소재사 逍災寺.  They also told us to meet at the park entrance in 4 hours so that we could go back  to Hyunpung bus station with them. So we just did the same route up and down. I believe it was 3.7km one way but the hike was quite steep at times so it took us about 2 hours getting up to the field of Azalea.

This is the route we took.


The 3 ahjum, who shared the taxi with us, getting ready to start hiking.

The route was basically non stop going up. Thus we got a really nice view of the down below when we were almost at the top.

After some steep hike, we reached this stone tower 大見寺址 대견사지.

And the sea of Azalea was over the hilltop.


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