Eat in Haeundae

Haeundae Amso Kalbi Jib 해운대암소갈비집

This is a famous old store for having Kalbi 갈비, beef ribs. The whole restaurant is made up of a few old houses which gives a sense of authenticity and a feeling of nostalgia.

We ordered marinated ribs for 2 persons, and the side dishes and a pot of hot charcoal came first. The charcoal was placed on the floor and right underneath the hole of the table.

The kalbi was cooked using the charcoal. The beef was really tasty, but I think it was a bit overpriced given its quality (around 30,000won per person).

We also ordered a side of potato noodle 감자 사리 (1000won). But I think it was too soft and it didn’t taste that good…


부산 해운대구 중1동 1225-1번지


After a red-eye flight we wanted to get some hot for breakfast, and bumped into this restaurant after leaving our luggage at the hotel 2 blocks away. It is a place to have 국밥  soup with rice and 해장국 解酲湯 hangover soup.

돼지 국밥 Pork soup: it was okay.

뼈다귀해장국 Bone hangover soup: it was very tasty. The meat around the bones were really tender and the soup has an intense flavor.


부산 해운대구 우동 543-1번지

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